Thursday, November 3, 2016

More Thoughts About Voting on the 8th

We the people have chosen our Final Two, and only one can win this coming Election Day. The final vote-casting for President of the United States in this bizarre election is almost here. Unlike anxiously cheering for my Chicago team's "W" during the recent World Series playoffs, the fate of this drama feels like a grueling no-win dog fight.

Why should I even vote when it is a toss-up in almost every way? But I will, because others have fought for my right to vote, and I and others have prayed. My mind is finally made up, with these closing thoughts:
Chicago: 10 innings/8 runs

  • My entire voting life, which has been quite a few years, I have been a die-hard voter for "Dad's party." Through thick and thin, he supported his political party and passed the baton to me.
  • In the primaries, my party (which was Dad's until he passed in 2006) chose a particular candidate. I did not vote for that candidate. 
  • It took many-a-moon to psych myself up to support my party's winning candidate. And finally, I thought that I had, and believed for the best.
  • I have key beliefs. My party's candidate verbally aligns with those beliefs. But then again says lots of things and then denies them.
  • Many times in the past month I wished that I could have talked with Dad, asking what he would do. 
  • Everything within me wants to stay on-board. I am loyal. But I can no longer recognize my party. Its identity has changed.
  • Rather than me jumping ship on them mid-stream, I now realize that they actually jumped ship on me. The base has majorly morphed. They don't own me.
  • A key video released in 2016 on 10/8, plus a plethora of televised temperamental rants, reveal serious character flaws. To me, more serious than the other candidate's flaws, and even more serious than the issues.
  • I hate what this election is revealing in me. It has profoundly surfaced from within the ugly discrimination-factor. Forgive. Me.
  • I feel compelled to make a fine distinction. Rather than voting for, my vote is against. 
  • This is where the rubber meets the road. Instead of trusting in our new leader, I will instead trust in a Steady God.

A mere man or woman cannot save U.S.
There is only One
The Steady One

Job 39, The Bible

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